I am an actor.  As per my profession I travel a bit.  The first stop I made after graduating in May of 2011 was Boise Contemporary Theater to work on a play called Gruesome Playground Injuries.  I flew into Boise on January 1st and was picked up at the airport by the theater's artistic director, Matthew Cameron Clark.  On the way to my apartment we stopped at the intersection of  East Warm Springs Avenue and Broadway.  Right in front of us a building was lit up with lettering and colors exactly like Vanderbilt.  The building was St. Luke's Children's Hospital.  So it was a sign, literally that called HATS FOR ZOE into another hospital to help more children.  

Celeste Keller and Kimberly White
Celeste Keller is the Director of Major and Planned Gifts at St. Luke's.  She is also a theater supporter!  I explained to Celeste over the phone why I started HATS FOR ZOE and what we were hoping to do through our organization.  Celeste was wonderfully supportive and helpful.  She immediately called Kimberly White, Child Life Specialist in Pediatric Oncology/Hematology, to ask if HATS FOR ZOE could help in any way.  The holidays had brought them a surplus of hats, but a few toys were requested.  The kids were also putting on a Mardi Gras parade and needed small gifts as prizes for games.  
Requested toys for the children at St. Luke's
Army Paratroopers for the kids to play with. When I saw these at Target I thought it a great tribute to our SF men and woman who have supported HATS FOR ZOE.
For the older kids itunes gift cards were a requested item.
HATS FOR ZOE was able to donate all these wonderful gifts to the children of St. Luke's Oncology/Hematology ward.  The hospital cares for more than 200 new pediatric patients each year.  Celeste Keller and her associates have worked hard to improve and expand the waiting and treatment areas.  
This beautiful and bright waiting room is a very recent addition to the facility.  There is also glass walls that provide natural light,  which is very helpful when kids are not allowed outside, and a court yard for when they are.  Comfort for patients and families during this time is so important and St. Luke's has done wonders, making a place that is inviting, warm, and inspiring.  

Thank you Celeste and Kim for welcoming HATS FOR ZOE to St. Luke's.  Congratulations on all the wonderful accomplishments you have made and continue to make.  You are an inspiration to us.  Please contact us if we can be of any help in the future.  And thank you Matthew Cameron Clark for putting HATS FOR ZOE in touch with these lovely ladies.

If you would like to help St. Luke's in any way click here.
You can also go to the website of the hospital nearest you and look for ways to give.  

HATS FOR ZOE started out with a mission to fill a wall with hats at Vanderbilt Hospital.  We accomplished that and then some by shipping over 200 hats to them over the holidays.   Through God's grace we are being led to other areas of the country.  I am now in Salt Lake City, Utah doing another play and when the rehearsal process finishes I will be seeking out a place to be of service here.  This is a long term goal for us.  It is my hope to continue giving in conjunction with my work as an actor and to incorporate more friends in the business to help me.  To take the focus off myself and put it onto people who are hurting and need assistance has been a great gift to me.  I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing more with you.

Zoe started a two year treatment on February 20 2012. February 20, 2014 will mark the day she will no longer need treatments.  
More to come...