Today the volunteer services department of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital received 200 hats from HATS FOR ZOE (scarves, blankets and gloves too)!  They arrived just in time for the hospital's holiday fair, which takes place on the 23rd and 24th.  These two days are set up for the kids to go "shopping" since some of them can't leave the hospital during treatment.  I am beyond thrilled that they will have so many wonderful choices in fashionable and fun head ware.  Matt and I are flying to Nashville on Wednesday and are setting up a day to go see the kids.  There are restrictions on where we can go and what we can photograph, but we promise a full report is coming.  

Zo-Zo is doing well.  Her energy has been up and she is very interested in making Christmas cookies.  Mom helped her bake some for the nurses who work on the floor where Zoe receives chemo.  She is starting to get sick and lose weight, but keeps smiling.  Along with donations sent in for the kids, specific items were sent to Zoe.  She received her box on Saturday and insisted on Skyping with Aunt Lesley and Uncle Matt to say thanks and model for us.  Below are some pictures of her love infused treasures.

When Matt and I went to mail the boxes we had a wonderful Christmas treat!  Tony Burgos is the man behind the Tiger Lily U.S.P.S Contract Station, your neighborhood mail and parcel center.  He started a fund for soldiers who are overseas to have boxes shipped to them free of charge.  All the soldiers in our Brooklyn neighborhood are home.  Tony saw my USAA check card (the military banking service) and made the connection.  After asking about Hats for Zoe and seeing the destination on the boxes, he told us he was paying for one of our boxes to be shipped himself.  He said, "I want a piece of this."  He can definitely have it.  Thank you Tony!  For those of you living in the area, here is a little information about Tony's business.  Use him.  He is a good man.

Tiger Lily
442-D Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 599-5700

Donations and prayers are still coming in.  In the new year we are going to be expanding to more hospitals and are going to create faster ways for you to give.  I cannot tell you what a blessing you have been to Zoe, me and my family.  The power of the human heart is astounding.  

Happy Holidays and God Bless you all.

More to come...
Hello wonderful supporters of HATS FOR ZOE and new friends.  The day I emailed you about long ago has come and our website is launched.  This amazing site was designed by my boyfriend, Matthew Carlson.  To date we have raised $1755 for materials and shipping costs and collected over 300 hats!  Contact with Vanderbilt has progressed and hats are being shipped next week, just in time for the holidays.  We are doing good work!  The variety we are able to offer these children is fantastic.  We have Spider Man, Hello Kitty, Lightning Steve McQueen, Disney Princesses, assorted animal hats and wonderfully designed hats made out of tee shirt fabric and fleece.  I will be traveling to Tennessee for the holiday and am looking forward to visiting the hospital and sharing pictures with you.  
This is the only time I have not minded being cluttered in my Brooklyn apartment! Hats for Zoe has taken over!
Zoe has started a more intense chemotherapy.  It is commonly called Consolidation Therapy which lasts approximately 8 weeks.  She has been placed in the high risk category due to genetic testing on her bone marrow.  Please continue to pray for her strength and spirit. 

So many blessings have come from this diagnosis.  Hats for Zoe is just one effort.  Hiller Plumbing Heating and Cooling in TN installed an air filtration system, similar to the one in Vanderbilt Hospital, in my brother and sister's house for Zoe.  All materials and labor were generously donated.  The list of good work goes on and on.  The display of grace and generosity are a testament to the wonderful people my brother  Stephen and his wife Jacklyn are and to who you are.  Thank you for all your continued support.  We are doing important work.  

More to come...