On Friday night Zoe was bopping around with all her new loot.  I was putting together her tea cart and tea set with my Mom.  The men folk were at Lowes.  Jacklyn took Zoe's temperature and it was high.  She felt fine, but the doctor's told Jacklyn and Stephen that if it gets above 101 she has to come into the hospital.  It was 101.4.  Jacklyn called the hospital and sure enough they said to come in.  With Zoe's immune system low a small fever can be bad news.  When Stephen got home we packed Zoe, Stephen and Jacklyn into the car and off they went.  These night trips were no strange thing for them and all went off like a routine.  They called later to say they would be staying overnight, but were praying to be home Christmas Eve.  The next day the doctors made rounds and informed Jacklyn and Stephen that Zoe would not be released until Christmas morning.  Matt and I were leaving Christmas day for his parent's home in Michighan.  Oh, and did I mention Jacklyn was supposed to have a baby the Friday of Zoe's celebration at Clarksville Athletic Club!!!  Saturday night Matt and I went to Nashville International Airport to pick up our rental car, but before that, as fate would have it, we ended up at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.
Since we were leaving Christmas morning we wanted to give Zoe her presents from us and spend more time with her.  There were only a few children in her area so we were both allowed back.  Usually the number of people allowed into rooms is strictly regulated because of the air filtration system and to minimize the spreading of germs.  I have never put so much hand sanitizer on in my life.  

We were greeted by a happy Zoe!  People had come by all day delivering gifts to the children who had to remain in the hospital on Christmas.  Faith Hill and Tim McGraw who live near by sent gifts and gift cards.  

Zoe opened our gift to her, but had to pay Matt with a smooch.
She loved her dog guitar.  She had hinted to Matt she wanted one.
Uncle Matt loved it too.
We played games and goofed off.
Zoe showed us the lay of the land.
Visiting hours were well over, but because it was Christmas a bit of an exception was made.  Finally, we said goodbye to a happy Zoe.  
The next day was a Merry Christmas indeed.  Zoe came home to family and more surprises.  The men had put together a wonderful playground set from Jacklyn's family in Florida.  
Matt and I were on our way to Michigan, soon to return for more Zoe adventures.

Stayed tuned for the last installment of So Much Goodness and updates from the staff at Vanderbilt.

More to come...


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