Hello Lovely Hats for Zoe supporters!  I have news!  So much news in fact that I am breaking it down into three different blog posts in the hopes of not overwhelming you and for fear of leaving any of the good stuff out by trying to condense it all into one post!  

Part One:  Zo-Zo and the Magical Christmas

Matthew and I arrived into Nashville on Wednesday December 21st.  When we got to Stephen and Jacklyn's house we found a happy and energetic Zoe.  She immediately hugged me and then took Matt away to play.  She had Matt read her an amazing children's book that explained her cancer.  It was just as much for him as for her.  It was almost her way of saying, "This is what is happening to me and it's ok."   I have never thought about such a book existing until Zoe's diagnosis.  It amazes me!  Children are so smart!  

Thursday morning Matt and Zoe made pancakes for the family.  
After breakfast we finished some Christmas shopping.  We had to get everything done because Friday was going to be a BIG day for Zoe.  

On Friday morning we had a quick breakfast and we all rushed to get ready.  Zoe and her story had been given to Clarksville Athletic Club, a local gym owned and operated by Nathan and Dawn Deer.  They were giving Zoe and two other children a Christmas to remember.  Clarksville, TN is right by Fort Campbell, KY,  home of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) which is Stephen's unit.  The athletic club wanted to honor the families of those who serve. 
Zoe received wonderful toys that will keep her occupied during treatments and recovery.  The smash hit...Disney Princess dress up clothes complete with matching heels!  Her  baby sister and mom and Stephen also received gifts. 

 Santa made an appearance!
But the big guy was overshadowed by another guest...
It's Belle from Beauty and the Beast!  Zoe was so excited she wanted to put on her Belle dress too!

Zoe had a magical Christmas and it wasn't even Christmas Day yet.  Matt and I had canceled our plans to visit Vanderbilt because of this special day.  We didn't want to miss it and we were informed that our access to the Children's Hospital would be greatly limited.  We would not be allowed in the area where the Christmas "shopping" would take place.  With 200 hats and several scarves and blankets in the safe hands of volunteer services we decided to stayed in Clarksville with Zo.  As I said though, it wasn't even Christmas day yet and Friday night brought a change of plans.

It was Nathan and Dawn Deer's, (the couple on the left), first year celebrating families like this at Christmas.  Hats for Zoe hopes to help them continue to help others as the years go by.  A young boy named Andrew who had an inoperable brain tumor was being celebrated that day too.  His face was so content and he was a little gentleman.  It wasn't about the gifts, but the happiness and the opportunity to be a child at Christmas.  Thank you Clarksville Athletic Club for your grace.
If you would like to help make Christmas magic for children next year contact me or Dawn.

Dawn Deer 
Clarskville Athletic Club , Office Manager
220 Dunlop Lane
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 645-4313
fax (931) 551-3699

Also, wanted to say sorry for the tardiness of this post.  I am in Idaho doing a play.  We just opened and I will have more free time to share in the coming days.  

More to come...


02/02/2012 21:50

So wonderful to read about Zoe (and little Andrew's) happy day...I'm so glad you're doing this blog, and I'll continue to keep tabs on little Zo-zo. Wishing you and especially her the best for a long, long time to come...

10/05/2012 08:31

Thanks for a great read.


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